Thriving in a Reputation Economy

Corporations and individuals in position of influence and power are successful only as long as they maintain the trust required to maintain their reputation.

When that trust is threatened, or the reputation is compromised, the value of the enterprise or the professional can be obliterated in a matter of hours or days.

Unfortunately, many companies and professionals wait until their reputations are under attack and at significant risk before turning to us for help.

We’ve dealt with everything from data breaches; natural disasters; international media attention related to a suicide; international military and political conflicts; impeachment of government leaders; outrageous individual behavior of high profile actors and athletes; litigation in murder trials; product recalls; federal prosecution of corporate executives; and extremely complex financial issues. And there are so many more.

If any firm can help you, we can.

We’ve handled crises large and small, in most industries and political environments around the world.

Our Crisis Management team includes over 40 professionals that are among the most trusted senior crisis counselors in our industry, along with experienced media, legal, financial and government affairs veterans.

We are extremely adept at the use of smart messaging to define and frame the discourse, manage the media, and perhaps the most critical is our appreciation of the importance of real-time decisions and implementation in order to protect and defend your reputation in today’s rapidly changing digital media and public opinion environment.

So, when you are faced with these kinds of crisis, contact us and we will help. Unlike other firms, you will only get our senior team… because that is all we hire.

Our team has a long and proven track record of helping corporate management and high profile individuals through these potentially devastating events.

The Allegiance Difference

Waiting until the crisis is upon you is the most expensive and risky manner of protecting and defending your reputation. Few “crisis management” firms understand how to help you prepare so that you never find yourself in a crisis scenario. We Do. That is The Allegiance Difference.

Most companies and high profile individuals today realize that their greatest asset is their reputation. Without a quality reputation, there is no enterprise value. Without a quality reputation, the worth of a company is reduced to pure bricks and mortar and the value of a professional career is potentially over. In other words, you simply become a commodity.

Allegiance always recommends the creation of a Reputation Management Program that will help define, protect, enhance and, if ever it is needed, make their reputation easier and far less expensive to defend in times of crisis. And in the process, we help identify ways your reputation can help you build your business more profitably.

This approach finds value in the fact that it is a much less expensive approach, utilizes existing budgets, and strengthens the reputation which enables greater opportunities for growth and profitability.

Our approach is much more disciplined and allows more time for reflection of who you are as an enterprise and as a professional and whether or not the reputation you have today is authentic and sustainable.

If your reputation is not authentic or not sustainable, then you are vulnerable. Through our proprietary Risk Assessment Modeling™(RAM™) data analysis tool we can assess whether yours is a reputation that is or can become authentic, or whether the current reputation should evolve into one that is more authentic, more sustainable, and one that can be less susceptible to being attacked.

If you are in a crisis or believe one is developing as you read this, and you need crisis communications support and counsel, by all means call us now.

You can reach our CEO, David Martin at 501-940-2440. In a crisis, he is available 24/7 and can quickly assess the ways Allegiance can help you immediately.

If you are a CEO, member of a board of directors or a high profile individual (or you are in a position to make a recommendation to these key decision-makers) and would like to secure, enhance, protect and be prepared to defend your reputation in order to grow your enterprise and be more profitable, then contact us here.

But in either scenario, time is of the essence. In the environment we operate in today, moments count.